For the Cardzware App to work on your website, we require you to set up a Subdomain with your domain provider. This record is not visible to anyone and adds an extra layer of security to our service. 

To set up the Subdomain record with NameCheap, please follow the steps below. 

1. Sign in to your Namecheap account:

2. Go to Domain List > Advanced DNS > Add New Record > Select CNAME. As per below

3. Add the below details to the fields that appear. 

  • Type = CNAME
  • Host = In this field, ensure you enter the subdomain you selected when installing the Cardzware App. It will be one of the following... cards, greetings, products, or a custom name you entered.

        If you can't remember what you selected, go to Website Settings in your Cardzware Account.

  • Value =
  • TTL = 1 Min

Below is an example of a correct setup.