Manual Fulfill:

By default, Shopify stores are set to manual fulfill for all products/orders; meaning you need to manually set an order to fulfilled and enter shipping & tracking details.

This means that all Cardzware orders will have to be manually fulfilled by clicking the "Request fulfillment" button on the Shopify order admin page.

Automatic Fulfill:

You can set your store to automatic fulfill; meaning all orders, no matter the product, will automatically fulfill. You then manually add the shipping & tracking details.

This means that all Cardzware orders are automatically fulfilled; once an order is paid for on Shopify it is immediately sent to Cardzware for printing and shipping.

Cardzware will automatically send Shopify a notification when an order has been shipped. Shopify in turn notifies your customer via email of the same.

Which should I choose?

Generally, if you fulfill your own products & orders you should stick to manual fulfillment as the setting is store-wide.

If your store is selling dropship products only and there's little need for manual intervention then you should use Auto Fulfill.

Shopify's article on order fulfillment settings:

How do I change to Manual/Auto Fulfill?

Follow this link:

Scroll down to "Order processing"

See the screenshot below